Our Story-Chap2

Our Story – Chapter 2

One of San Antonio’s most successful indpendent filmmakers is man named Kevin Nations. He has made family films and coming of age movies that have sold to NBC/Universal, Netflix, Starz, HBO, iTunes, Walmart and everywhere else you can find DVDs. His films are also in international markets selling in over a dozen countries around the globe. Kevin got his first career job in video production over 25 years ago and has been telling stories with cameras ever since.

As it turned out, Mark and Kevin connected at some point in 2014 as Mark began to see the huge inevitable train moving down the digital video content landscape. He was interesting in what Kevin was doing and soon they would work together for the first time on a film that would solidify the pair as friends and coworkers. In 2016, Kevin joined Ideawire to lead the charge for Ideawire’s Brand Storytelling and Video Production initiative.

“People are hungry for content. Good stories and fewer ‘widget’ commercials. They are more happy to watch a small, touching story that sells a product instead of the traditional “skip worthy” TV Ad. Stories are tools to get our client’s point across. Once you’ve captivated your audience, you have a small window of opportunity to sell them something… and they feel good about it. The bar has been raised due to Hollywood and there is no better person to lead this than Kevin. He is to film what I am to design.”
– Mark Harlien

So back to our IDEA.

We fully believe that every element of art and design has a narrative… a story. A website, a logo, a printed ad, an illustration, a video. EVERYTHING. It’s time to bring narrative back into advertising because that is what resonates with customers.

We are certain that Ideawire can help your business grow. Take a look at our work and contact us today.
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