The ‘Plandid’ trend on your Instagram feed

Plandid is a plan to your candid photo game. In a land of selfies, the candid feels like you are giving your audience a look into your everyday life. Having fantastic candids of yourself or people in your organization is hard to come by naturally. But thanks to Instagram and other social media celebrities, it is socially acceptable to post the plandid.

So how do you take a meticulously planned image look as spontaneous as possible? Thankfully we wont have to look very hard for great examples. Celebrities and social media influencers have been doing it already.

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So how do you do master the plandid without having a photographer follow you around all day?

Below are tips and tricks to up your ‘gram game.

  • Grab a friend, employee, or an unsuspecting bystander to take the shot for you.  Don’t have someone to take your picture? Put your camera or smartphone on a tripod and get a bluetooth camera remote control.
  • Put your camera on burst mode. Get as many options as you can in a short period of time.
  • Chose an amazing backdrop. The backdrop should be as planed as your pose, so avoid cluttered and dirty desks.
  • Be yourself.  Even though this is planned, it should still ring authentic to the viewer.  This is about showing your best self.
  • Practice your pose. Try smiling, laughing, sipping that coffee, subtly holding the bag you sell online.
  • Be okay feeling foolish. You may feel silly posing or trying to act casual.  It’s okay.
  • Have fun. If you don’t enjoy it, your viewer wont either.