(This page covers Ideawire's FlexSupport terms and conditions)

Initiation of project by client, either verbally or written, constitutes agreement between Ideawire and client of these terms.

FLEXSUPPORT is a support service discounted by Ideawire and covers standard account setup services, website content changes, troubleshooting and addressing technical aspects to website services (such as email problems and website programming errors) and other technical support solutions. Support may either be requested by the client or be provided by Ideawire based on the discovery of an issue. In both cases, client authorizes the support provided. Support time is ongoing for a given issue, is billed in 5 minute increments, and can vary in order to resolve an issue. Client accepts and understands this variable of time **and that time estimates may not be possible.**

Service for each contract is based on a bank of hours, to be used within a 12-month contract period. Any additional time beyond the initial service hour quota will require an additional contract or time will be billed at regular rates. Hours not used within the 12-month support period may be carried over to the following twelve months for a fee equal to 20% of the original support contract amount. Hours will expire after the second year. Ideawire reserves the right to rollback support work performed to the previous state prior to support provided that is not paid.

Ideawire has accumulated a wealth of information and experience in website development and content deployment, and has secured service partnerships with primary providers. As such, Ideawire promises to provide quality, timely service and support, insofar as is the ability and expertise of Ideawire technicians, for website services, such as databases, applications, and server administration. There is no guarantee Ideawire support will result in solutions, protect client content from error, or guarantee server access. Ideawire is also not liable for unauthorized access to or alteration, theft or destruction of customer's website content, email accounts, programs, procedures or information through accident, fraudulent means, or any other method, nor or technology failures of any kind. CLIENT AGREES TO ACCEPT SUPPORT WORK FROM THIS CONTRACT AS-IS.

Any support work provided by Ideawire on existing work does not change the ownership of the original work. All original work retains the rights it possessed prior to the support given.

Issues requiring more than 2-3 hours of service may be separated as a project.

Support contracts must be paid in advance before services can be provided. Sales tax will be added where applicable. LATE PAYMENTS WILL INCLUDE LATE FEES EQUAL TO 1.5% OF INVOICE PER MONTH.

Client and ideawire agree that ideawire reserves the right to submit any disputes hereunder involving more than $200 to arbitration in Bexar County under rules of the American Arbitration Association, or to take action in U.S. courts. Additionally, Client will indemnify artist against all claims and expenses, including attorney fees.

Separate Ideawire DataHosting Agreement terms & conditions are available online or are in your hosting contract.

By requesting and/or using Ideawire's support through the FlexSupport contract you agree to these terms, as well as those on the FlexSuort estimates, invoices and contracts.

February 1, 2011