(Ideawire's standard terms and conditions located on its estimate and invoice contracts)

Initiation of project by client, either verbally or written, constitutes agreement between Ideawire and client of these terms.

Unless stated otherwise, there are 1-2 revisions per project item. Additional revisions will be billed extra. CLIENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN OFF ON EACH STEP OF THE PROJECT, AND FOLLOW IDEAWIRE’S DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS.

Rights granted depend upon payment and are limited solely to those agreed upon.

In the event of cancellation or breach by client ideawire shall remain owner of all work and copyrights therein, and be paid a cancellation fee no less than 1/3 the amount estimated, or the amount owed for services rendered to date.

All design and programming are the exclusive property of ideawire. Rights to use work is not active until project is complete and paid for. All programming written by ideawire and used for websites is considered licensed, copyrighted intellectual property, and subject to limits of use. Unless otherwise noted in writing, clients receive a license to use the work to the project for what it is created for. Additional uses or the desire to alter or sell code will require additional costs. Unless noted in wrriting, projects involving multiple designs are intended to finalize on one design, and other discarded design elements remain the property of ideawire, inc. All necessary copy must be submitted electronically. Time spent on project may be on services other than those specified to complete the project successfully.

ideawire retains the right to reproduce, publish and display all design and programming in ideawire's portfolios and websites, and in galleries, design periodicals and other media or exhibits for the purposes of recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement. Under U.S. Copyright Law, ideawire also has a fair use right under copyright law to show final, published works in our portfolio, unless such materials are written in the work orders as to be confiential and not to be publicly presented on an all-access website.

Final cost may vary plus or minus 15%. Client will be informed of charges exceeding 15% of the estimate. Delays more than 60 days will be billed. Sales tax will be added at the end of a job. One of two payment methods will be utilized for contracted work: 1) Payment in two parts - client will be billed one third of the estimate upon acceptance of an assignment, and balance upon job completion. 2) Net 30 - client will be billed full amount and will have 30 days to pay for services, providing signed agreement is submitted. LATE PAYMENTS WILL INCLUDE LATE FEES EQUAL TO 1.5% OF INVOICE PER MONTH.

Client and ideawire agree to submit any disputes hereunder involving more than $200 to arbitration in Bexar County under rules of the American Arbitration Association. Additionally, Client will indemnify artist against all claims and expenses, including attorney fees.

Support for websites, including errors, is limited to the first 7 days after site launch, and 14 days for projects in excess of $10,000. Beyond this warranty period, client accepts full responsibility for errors. Ideawire is not liable for vulnerabilities, known or unknown, and client accepts all work as is. Extended service contracts are available.

By signing Ideawire estimates and/or paying Ideawire invoices you are agreeing to these terms.